Updated 6 Nov 2020 - An "Email not valid" error has been fixed, if you tried and failed to send in information please try again. Many thanks.
As part of our ongoing project to transcribe every war memorial, church plaque and other memorials to the fallen in various conflicts we have so far transcribed the names from 58 different sites around the South Warwickshire area. From them we have carried out more detailed research on more than 900 of the fallen named on the memorials and the results can be seen by clicking here for the Database. We would very much like to add a photograph for every man and woman we find and would ask that you submit any photographs you may have of the fallen soliders of WW1 and WW2 so that we can publish here in a central database for South Warwickshire. Please just click on the link below to upload the photograph(s) and don't forget to add your name and email address as we will not use it without your express permission.
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