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Please note that this database is new, as of 6 May 2024 it contains over over 14100 names from the 1841, 1861, 1871 & 1891, 1901 Census returns. We will be adding new records very soon.

This database contains the Census information for the numerous Boarding Schools & Colleges, Workhouses, Poor Law Schools, Reformatories, Prisons, Orphanages and other similar institutions that existed in Warwickshire. The census often contain words that are no longer in general use or are now used in derogatory terms and had a slightly different meaning at the time, we have not altered or omitted any words used in the records. Below is a table showing each Workhouse with data in the database by the year of the Census. Please also note that each census collected slightly different data hence the empty spaces in the table. Please also note that in some cases there are only name initials - if you are looking for a relative named, for instance, Fred Blogs enter F B in the Last Name field.

Please use the search boxes below to find what you are looking for, we suggest that you start with a Last Name and then First Name and expand your searches from them. We have displayed all the information available on the original record but as ever please do not hesitate to contact us via the orange contact button on the Home Page (click the Logo or here). Please quote EasyTable 41 in your message.

Institutions Census Records
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 Year   Place   Institution   Surname   Forenames   Role in Workhouse   Sex   Age   Marital State   Occupation   Birth County   Birth Place   Disability   Notes 
1841Alcester & ArrowWorkhouseTHOMPSONChristopherGovernerM30yGoverN/KrN/K
1841Alcester & ArrowWorkhouseTHOMPSONFrancesMatronF30yMatronN/K
1841Alcester & ArrowWorkhouseTHOMPSONChristopherGoverner's ChildrenM14yN/K
1841Alcester & ArrowWorkhouseTHOMPSONFrances LouisaGoverner's ChildrenF3mWarks
1841Alcester & ArrowWorkhouseBURMANMary AnnSchoolmistressF30ySchoolmistressWarks
1841Alcester & ArrowWorkhouseHARDINGThomasPorterM20yPorterN/K
1841Alcester & ArrowWorkhouseLINNETTFrnacisInmateM65yPauper & Rag GathererOverseas
1841Alcester & ArrowWorkhousePRITCHARDBenjaminInmateM65yPauper Rope MakeWarks
1841Alcester & ArrowWorkhouseHARRISONShadrackInmateM70yPauper Ag LabN/K
1841Alcester & ArrowWorkhouseROBERTSWilliamInmateM65yPauperWarks
1841Alcester & ArrowWorkhouseCHAMBERSJohnInmateM20yPauperN/K
1841Alcester & ArrowWorkhouseTRUBYRichardInmateM75yPauperButcherN/K
1841Alcester & ArrowWorkhouseTARPLEYJohnInmateM70yPauperAg LabN/K
1841Alcester & ArrowWorkhouseMOLEWilliamInmateM80yPauper Ag LabN/K
1841Alcester & ArrowWorkhouseKITEJohnInmateM50yPauper ShoemakerN/K
1841Alcester & ArrowWorkhouseTANDYIsaacInmateM15yPauperN/K
1841Alcester & ArrowWorkhouseGARDNERWilliamInmateM15yPauperWarks
1841Alcester & ArrowWorkhouseWALLWilliamInmateM70yPauper Ag LabWarks
1841Alcester & ArrowWorkhouseWALLSarahInmateF60yPauper Flax SpinnerWarks
1841Alcester & ArrowWorkhouseWALLCharlesInmateM30yPauper Ag LabWarks
1841Alcester & ArrowWorkhouseWALLJohnInmateM30yPauper Ag LabWarks
1841Alcester & ArrowWorkhouseWALLMaryInmateF20yPauperWarks
1841Alcester & ArrowWorkhouseINGRAMWilliamInmateM80yPauper, Ag LabN/K
1841Alcester & ArrowWorkhouseLEEJosephInmateM85yPauper BricklayerWarks
1841Alcester & ArrowWorkhouseLEEAnnInmateF85yPauper CharwomanN/K
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