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Table ET33.

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# Parish   Year   Surname   Forename(s) 
1Bedworth, All Saints1718WAGSTAFFWilliam
2Bedworth, All Saints1718AKERSSarah
3Bedworth, All Saints1718COXJohn
4Bedworth, All Saints1718JOHNSONStephen
5Bedworth, All Saints1718SMITHSarah?
6Bedworth, All Saints1718RALLEYFrancis
7Bedworth, All Saints1718DEWISThomas
8Bedworth, All Saints1718PERCYWilliam
9Bedworth, All Saints1718SMITHThomas
10Bedworth, All Saints1718RASONAnne
11Bedworth, All Saints1718COERSONElen
12Bedworth, All Saints1718HAREDYWilliam
13Bedworth, All Saints1718DRAKEKetrine
14Bedworth, All Saints1718SUTTONJohn
15Bedworth, All Saints1718RALLEYJohn
16Bedworth, All Saints1718JOHNSONElizabeth
17Bedworth, All Saints1718DARLESONRobart
18Bedworth, All Saints1718LYTHELElener
19Bedworth, All Saints1718WOODJohn
20Bedworth, All Saints1718HANSONHannah
21Bedworth, All Saints1718PAGEHenry
22Bedworth, All Saints1718AKERSAnn
23Bedworth, All Saints1718TWIGEREdward
24Bedworth, All Saints1718/9CHAMBERLYNElizabeth
25Bedworth, All Saints1718/9~Valentine?
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