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Table ET20

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# Parish   Year   Surname   Forename(s) 
1Nuneaton, St. Nicolas1754RUSHJohn
2Nuneaton, St. Nicolas1754WILSONThomas
3Nuneaton, St. Nicolas1754PAULWilliam
4Nuneaton, St. Nicolas1754JEFFCOTEJohn
5Nuneaton, St. Nicolas1754BRUNTAlice
6Nuneaton, St. Nicolas1754FRANCISJohn Green
7Nuneaton, St. Nicolas1754ROBINSONAnn
8Nuneaton, St. Nicolas1754RAUNRobert
9Nuneaton, St. Nicolas1754WAGSTAFFSarah
10Nuneaton, St. Nicolas1754BARTONJohn
11Nuneaton, St. Nicolas1754LAPWORTHJane
12Nuneaton, St. Nicolas1754WEBSTERElizabeth
13Nuneaton, St. Nicolas1754SATCHWELLJohn
14Nuneaton, St. Nicolas1754BINGLEYSarah
15Nuneaton, St. Nicolas1754WARDLEElizabeth
16Nuneaton, St. Nicolas1754ORDWAYThomas
17Nuneaton, St. Nicolas1754PAINEMary
18Nuneaton, St. Nicolas1754POWELLSusanna
19Nuneaton, St. Nicolas1754BONNERThomas
20Nuneaton, St. Nicolas1754MORRISAnn
21Nuneaton, St. Nicolas1754GARRETTLewis
22Nuneaton, St. Nicolas1754DEVRITTJames
23Nuneaton, St. Nicolas1754BONNERJohn
24Nuneaton, St. Nicolas1754MILLSWilliam
25Nuneaton, St. Nicolas1754WARDENJoseph
26Nuneaton, St. Nicolas1754WARDElizabeth
27Nuneaton, St. Nicolas1754PEMBERTONJoseph
28Nuneaton, St. Nicolas1754EVERTONMary
29Nuneaton, St. Nicolas1754BANISTERElizabeth
30Nuneaton, St. Nicolas1754WOODAnn
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