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Table ET20

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# Parish   Year   Surname   Forename(s) 
14611Nuneaton, St. Nicolas1837MANNRobert
14612Nuneaton, St. Nicolas1837STONESarah
14613Nuneaton, St. Nicolas1837TABERERMary Ann
14614Nuneaton, St. Nicolas1837TABERERThomas
14615Nuneaton, St. Nicolas1837COOPERGeorge
14616Nuneaton, St. Nicolas1837MATTHEWSEdward
14617Nuneaton, St. Nicolas1837MERRYElizabeth
14618Nuneaton, St. Nicolas1837ALDRIDGEGeorge
14619Nuneaton, St. Nicolas1837CRICHLOWWilliam
14620Nuneaton, St. Nicolas1837SCATTERGOODComfort Elizabeth
14621Nuneaton, St. Nicolas1837SIDWELLMary
14622Nuneaton, St. Nicolas1837SLATERSamuel
14623Nuneaton, St. Nicolas1837PARNELLJohn
14624Nuneaton, St. Nicolas1837JACOMBSJames
14625Nuneaton, St. Nicolas1837WAINJoseph
14626Nuneaton, St. Nicolas1837CRADDOCKAdelaide Anders
14627Nuneaton, St. Nicolas1837BARACLOUGHJoseph
14628Nuneaton, St. Nicolas1837GARRATTMary
14629Nuneaton, St. Nicolas1837WOODElizabeth
14630Nuneaton, St. Nicolas1837TOWLEMary Ann
14631Nuneaton, St. Nicolas1837CROSHAWMary Ann
14632Nuneaton, St. Nicolas1837ROWLEYSamuel
14633Nuneaton, St. Nicolas1837THOMPSONJohn
14634Nuneaton, St. Nicolas1837PEACHSarah Ann
14635Nuneaton, St. Nicolas1837LILLEYSelina
14636Nuneaton, St. Nicolas1837CROSHAWEmma
14637Nuneaton, St. Nicolas1837GREENAnn
14638Nuneaton, St. Nicolas1837GREENLucy
14639Nuneaton, St. Nicolas1837THOMPSONMartha
14640Nuneaton, St. Nicolas1837ATKINSMatilda
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