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No. in Admissions Register: 174
Whence received:  Birmingham Handsworth 
Hair colour:  
Eyes colour:  
Particular marks:  
State of health:  
Date of admission:  
Late residence:  
Parish he belongs to:  
Customary work and mode of life:  
Whether illegitimate:  
State of education:  
Circumstances which may have led to it:  
Date of sentence, by whom and court:  
Where imprisoned:  
Previous committals:  
For what:  
Father's name:  
Mother's name:  
Parents dead?  
Survivor married again?  
Parents' treatment of child:  
Character of parents  
Parents' wages:  
Amount parents agree to pay: -
Parents address:  
Superintendent of police (to collect payments): -
Person making this return:  


NOTES: 26 May 1860 There is a report of his remand hearing in the Staffordshire Advertiser, Saturday 26 May 1860, p.7 col.5: Juvenile Delinquents. - Three lads, named Enoch Mansell, 11, Richard Abberley, 12, and William Wheat, 12, were charged with being upon the premises of Mr. Swettenham, landlord of the Canning Inn, Fenton, for the purpose of committing a felony. Mr. Swettenham stated, in evidence, that he missed a bottle of whiskey from his cupboard about a week ago, and had frequently missed cigars and other articles. This morning, the prisoner Abberley went into the bar and told a charwoman whom he saw there that he wanted some water - the prisoner Wheat standing, at the same time, in the passage. Directly afterwards, both the lads were seen to leave the bar, the drawer of which it was found had been opened, and information being given to the police, the prisoners were apprehended by Inspector Stuart. They then admitted having gone into the house for the purpose of robbing the till, and began to accuse each other of having stolen the bottle of whiskey referred to. Mr. Garnham stated that Wheat had been continually before the magistrates for several years past, and Abberley had only just come out of gaol. Mansell, who was stated to be not so bad as his fellow prisoners, was discharged ; the other two were remanded for a week.

2 June 1860 There is a short report of their trial in the Staffordshire Advertiser Saturday 2 June 1860 p.7 col.6: Juvenile Offenders Richard Abberley and William Wheat, the two lads remanded last week on a charge of stealing a bottle of whiskey from the Canning Inn, Fenton, were again brought up. Wheat, who had been before the magistrates at least eight times for his pilfering practices, told the police that Abberley was the biggest thief, and had taught him to steal. They were sentenced to 21 days' imprisonment, and afterwards to be transferred to a reformatory for four years each.

7 June 1860 The Reformatory Minute Book reported: Mr Morgan laid applications before the Committee for the admission of three boys: Abberley, Wheat [boy 173], and Palmer [boy 180], and a letter from Mr Ratcliff as to admissions without any promise of payment by parents.

Resolved: that the applications with respect to the three boys in question be approved, and that they be admitted accordingly.

15 September 1860 There is a short report of his mother being summoned for non-payment of maintenance in the Staffordshire Sentinel and Commercial and General Advertiser Saturday 15 September 1860 p.6 col.2: NON-PAYMENT TOWARDS THE SUPPORT OF CHILDREN IN REFORMATORIES. - Alice Abberley, a widow in poor circumstances, appeared in answer to a summons against her at the instance of the Under-Secretary of State at the Home Department, to show cause why she did not contribute towards the support of her son, a boy now confined in the Reformatory at Saltley. Mr Garnham said he had made enquiries as to the woman's circumstances, and had leant that she was supported by her daughters, and had herself no means of getting a living - much less of contributing to the support of the boy.


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