Moreton Morrell War Memorial

A transcription of the names inscribed on the Moreton Morrell War Memorial Gates and Plaque. Please note that this page is still being researched and is constantly being updated. We would welcome your input via the buttons below.

WW1 Inscription

This Wall and Tablet Were Erected
To The Udying Memory of the Men of This Parish
Who Laid Down Their Lives For Us
In the Great War 1914-1919

WW1 Names

  • Harry BALDWIN

  • James BIRD

  • Wallace Ethorne GRIFFIN

  • Herbert Percy HANCOX

  • Arthur Charles HARRISON

WW1 Names

  • William HOPKINS

  • Albert Victor JENNINGS

  • Charles LYNER

  • Horace MANN

  • Albert MANN

WW1 Names

  • James ROSE

  • George C. SCANDRETT

  • Arthur STURMAN

  • Reginald Francis De TRAFFORD

  • Hector WEBB

WW2 Inscription

And In The War 1939-1945

WW2 Names

  • Capt Thomas HICKMAN

  • Sgt Victor Cyril STURDY

  • Fus Leslie BONEHAM

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