Hatton War Memorial

A transcription of the names inscribed on the Hatton War Memorial. The villages of Haseley, Shrewley and Beausale are also included in this memorial. Please note that this page is still being researched and is constantly being updated. We would welcome your input via the buttons below.

WW1 Inscription

To The Glory of God And in Memory of
The Men of Hatton, Haseley, Shrewley And Beausale
Who Gave Their Lives For King and Country
In the Great War 1914-1919

WW1 Names

  • George ASKEW

  • Fred BARNETT

  • John BOONE

  • Charles BROMAGE

  • Arthur BROMAGE

  • William BROMAGE

  • Albert Victor EDWARDS

  • Albert CLARK

  • George CLARKE

  • Albert Victor EDWARDS

WW1 Names

  • Charles Thomas FIELD

  • William GARDNER

  • William Henry GRAINGER

  • George Henry GUBBINS

  • George Alfred HARRIS

  • John HERBERT

  • William John HEXTALL

  • Arthur JACKSON

  • Archibald JORDON

  • Walter LONG

WW1 Names

  • Frank MARLOW

  • Benjamin William PALMER

  • Frederick PINFOLD

  • Ernest William POWELL

  • Jack SPENCER

  • Leonard STURGESS

  • Herbert Joseph TAYLOR

  • George TAYLOR

  • Charles Benjamin WATERS

  • Ernest Edward WATERS

WW2 Inscription

The Following Gave Their
Lives in the World War

Greater Love Has No Man Than This
That A Man Lay Down His Live
For His Friends

WW2 Names

  • John Brassey ARKWRIGHT

  • Albert Peter ARKWRIGHT

  • Ivor Clarence George BATCHELOR

WW2 Names

  • Peter James CROSS

  • Jack PROSSER

  • John Charles Lawrence WHITEMAN

WW2 Names

  • Raymond WHITEHEAD

  • Desmond Willett WHITE

  • Arthur Henry WILLIAMS

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