Burmington Memorial Plaque and Roll

A transcription of the names inscribed on the Burmington War Memorial Plaque & Roll of Honour. Please note that this page is still being researched and is constantly being updated. We would welcome your input via the buttons below.


IN THE GREAT WAR 1914-1918

Names of the Fallen

  • Richard Frederic HUNT

  • Frederic CLARK

Those Who Served

  • Sidney GARDNER

  • Vernon PEEBLES - Gassed at Loos

  • William SLATTER - Wounded on the Somme

  • George SLATTER MM - Gassed at Hill 60

  • William STANLEY - Wounded at Arrass

  • George TAYLOR - Wounded at Ypres

  • Harry HUNT - Wounded at St. Quinton

Those Who Served

  • Bert STANLEY - Wounded on the Somme

  • John STEEL - Wounded at Hazinghe

  • Bert HARTWELL - Gassed at Nieuport

  • Sidney CLARIDGE

  • Alfred HUNT

  • Thomas ROSE

  • Cecil SLATTER