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 Parish   Date Range   Denom   # Records 
 Bentley - St. John   1813-1911  C of E  1022
 Bulkington - St. James   1754-1916  C of E  5650
 Coventry - St. Thomas (Butts)   1849-1916  C of E  7938
 Earlsdon - St. Barbara  1914-1916  C of E   64
 Marston Sicca - St. James  1753-1812  C of E  434
 Radford (Coventry) - St. Nicholas   1874-1915  C of E  818
 Willey - St. Leonard  1753-1917  C of E  563


 Parish  Date Range   Denom   # Records
 Butlers Marston - SS. Peter & Paul   1813-1834  C of E  24

More new Burial and Marriage records to follow this week


St. Thomas, Coventry… Doubting Thomas?

After some hours of research into the different and confusing records held in the name of St. Thomas Church in the old Saxon village of Keresley, now part of Coventry our transcriber wrote the following: Two ancient churches stand almost side by side in the centre of the City of Coventry: Holy Trinity and St. Michael and All Angels (now Coventry Cathedral).

In Medieval times these churches stood within the City Walls but, as the population increased, the land outside of the Walls began to be occupied, the land being still nominally attached to one of these two churches. A need was recognised for more places of religious worship, and accordingly, further churches were built, either attached to Holy Trinity or to Saint Michael. There were exceptions to the land affiliation and one, in particular, would cause us, as transcribers, a considerable amount of confusion… to say the least!

Essentially, the Northern part of this land outside the Walls was allotted to Holy Trinity and the Southern part, to St. Michael. [VCH, 1969, p.41].

In the Northern part, an area was held by St. Michael, as a 'detached' part of St. Michael, within the Holy Trinity allotment. This area of the City is known as Keresley, and adjacent to it is the district of Coundon. Upon this piece of land [VCH, 1969, p.358], the church of St. Thomas was built in 1847, and a Chapelry in 1848;

"The decision, taken in early 1842, to build a church resulted eventually in the consecration of St. Thomas's Church in 1847 and the creation of the chapelry of Keresley with Coundon in the following year".

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