SWFHS has now published 1 million (1,017,000) index records.

This week saw SWFHS records indexers publish their one-millionth free to search and free to use records for people researching their South Warwickshire relatives along with records from other neighbouring parishes in North Warwickshire and the West Midlands. In doing so we also added our 500,000th Baptism record.

The indexing team is made up of Carole Eales, Wendy Boland, Bob Gibson, Sheila Steane and Ian Pearson.

In the last few days, we have added 62,000 C of E Baptism, 25,500 C of E Burial and 19,000 C of E Marriage records to our databases which, as previously reported, are now much easier to search.

If you have searched our databases before you should now try searching the Master Index records which allow you to drill down to single people, dates or locations.

We have also added newly upgraded search facilities to the newly published single parish databases and will be going back through the over 670 single tables to upgrade the search facilities on the older ones.