Major Improvements Made to Master Index Search Function.

Users of the master C of E indices (Non-Conform coming this weekend) can now drill down through the records to, hopefully, find the individual(s) you are looking by surname, forename, parish and year as opposed to just a blanket surname search. Using the boxes below you can start with a wide search on a surname and then filter those by adding a forename, then further add a year or a parish or, if you know what you are looking for, narrow the search by using more of the search boxes from the start.

For instance to search for a particular Groom:

  • Enter Smith in the surname box, wait for the results (almost instant) and 2493 records are returned.
  • Then, without clearing the surname, enter a first name, say John, and 418 records are returned
  • Then enter a parish, say Bidford, 10 records are returned

Or if you know the bride last name enter both last names and then drill down the results from there. Happy searching

Don't forget if you identify an entry which you believe relevant to your research but do not have access to the original document please contact us, and we will be happy to provide you with a copy of the register and any other details we may have.

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