Today we have added a further 21,100+ C of E marriage index records, as listed below:


 Parish   Date Range   Denom 
 Chilvers Coton  1754-1915  C of E
 Coleshill  1754-1915  C of E
 Marston Sicca  1754-1812  C of E
 Merevale  1728-1913  C of E
 Nuneaton - St. Mary  1878-1915  C of E
 Nuneaton - St. Nicholas  1754-1915  C of E
 Warwick - St. Nicholas  1754-1915  C of E
 Whichford  1754-1812  C of E



We have so far transcribed the names from 58 war memorials and plaques at different sites around the South Warwickshire area. From them we have carried out more detailed research on 895 of the fallen named on the memorials and the results can be seen by clicking here for the Database. We have just completed the detailed research for the 38 men listed on the Kineton war memorial, the transcription page is now online and the details have been added to the database. We are now moving onto the research of the thirty seven men named on the Kineton War Memorial.
Below are the last 8 memorials that have been transcribed and the remainder can be found via the War Memorials menu.

SWFHS has now published 1 million (1,017,000) index records.

This week saw SWFHS records indexers publish their one-millionth free to search and free to use records for people researching their South Warwickshire relatives along with records from other neighbouring parishes in North Warwickshire and the West Midlands. In doing so we also added our 500,000th Baptism record.

The indexing team is made up of Carole Eales, Wendy Boland, Bob Gibson, Sheila Steane and Ian Pearson.

In the last few days, we have added 62,000 C of E Baptism, 25,500 C of E Burial and 19,000 C of E Marriage records to our databases which, as previously reported, are now much easier to search.

If you have searched our databases before you should now try searching the Master Index records which allow you to drill down to single people, dates or locations.

We have also added newly upgraded search facilities to the newly published single parish databases and will be going back through the over 670 single tables to upgrade the search facilities on the older ones.

New index records added since 15th July 2020

We have added a further 71,600 records, as listed below, since the 15th July 2020 and invite you to search them for any relatives that may be contained within them.

Non-Conformist - 5,339 new records added:
Mainly from Congregations in the Coventry and Birmingham areas.

Marriages - 13,042 new records added as below:
Please click the Parish Names to see and/or search the records:

 Parish   Date Range   Denom   # Records 
 Kenilworth - St Nicholas   1773-1916  C of E 2455
 Baxterley   1755-1916  C of E  252
 Coventry - Christ Church  1892-1915  C of E  392
 Lea Marston - St John  1754-1919  C of E 300
 Maxstoke - St. Michael  1755-1916  C of E 309
 Polesworth - St. Editha  1754-1916  C of E 2126
 Weddington - St. James  1673-1918  C of E  176
 Dordon - St. Leonard  1901-1915  C of E  96
 Willey - St. Leonard  1753-1916  C of E 138
 Wishaw - St. Chad  1754-1919  C of E 216
 Stockingford - St. Paul  1754-1915  C of E 1334
 Wolfhampcote - St. Peter   1558-1754  C of E 455
 Bedworth - All Saints  1753-1915  C of E 5103

Burials - 16,200 new records added as below

 Date Range   Denom   # Records
 Baxterley  1754-1915  C of E  664
 Dordon - St. Leonard   1902-1916  C of E 280
 Dosthill - S. Paul  1873-1915  C of E 311
 Kenilworth - St. Nicholas   1765-1916  C of E 8073
 Lea Marston - St. John  1751-1918  C of E 910
 Polesworth - St. Editha  1754-1915  C of E 5195
 Weddington - St. James  1662-1919  C of E 197
 Wishaw - St. Chad  1754-1916  C of E 629

Baptisms 37,133 new records added as below

 Date Range   Denom   # Records
 Bedworth - All Saints  1754-1916  C of E 21361
 Baxterley  1754-1911  C of E 1303
 Coventry - Christ Church   1875-1915  C of E 879
 Dordon - St. Leonard   1902-1916  C of E 554
 Dosthill - St. Paul  1872-1916  C of E 665
 Lea Marston - St. John  1751-1918  C of E 1269
 Maxstoke - St. Michael  1754-1914  C of E 1347
 Polesworth - St. Editha  1754-1915  C of E 8700
 Seckington - All Saints  1754-1920  C of E  576
 Weddington - St. James  1800-1915  C of E  209



Improvements to Non-Conform Master Index Search Function and New NC Records Added.

Users of the master Non-Conformist records database can now drill down through the records to, hopefully, find the individual(s) you are looking by surname, forename, parish and year as opposed to just a blanket surname search. Using the boxes below you can start with a wide search on a surname and then filter those by adding a forename, then further add a year or a parish or, if you know what you are looking for, narrow the search by using more of the search boxes from the start.

For instance to search for a particular Groom:

  • Enter Smith in the surname box, wait for the results (almost instant) and 2493 records are returned.
  • Then, without clearing the surname, enter a first name, say John, and 418 records are returned
  • Then enter a parish, say Bidford, 10 records are returned

Or if you know the bride last name enter both last names and then drill down the results from there.

In addition we added over 2,000 new NC records to the databases. Happy searching