Over a year ago, we set out to develop a website dedicated to the Southern part of Warwickshire, where we shared a mutual interest.  We did not wish to be involved in a Committee structure, neither were we particularly interested in financial gain; our aim was to contribute to the family history community, although we have joined the Federation of Family History Societies so that readers can be reassured of our intentions etc. 

Many family historians subscribe to the commercial sites, where there is an abundance of information; many do not.  For the latter group, we provide a means by which they can identify 'persons of interest' and then follow them up, via their local library, or through us.  We answer every e-mail query, but do ask that you use this form so we can try to ensure you are not a robot.  We will then do our best to help you.

During the past year, we have concentrated on providing indices to the Parish Register entries for the core period 1754 – 1916, although we have not restricted ourselves to that time frame. Below, you will see just how many entries we have managed to upload !

For the coming year, our aim is not only to continue with the Parish Register transcriptions, but also to develop our War Memorial investigations. To this end, our webmaster makes occasional visits to South Warwickshire, takes photographs of their churches and War Memorials, and uses them to illustrate our site. We have also been fortunate enough to recruit Ian and Andy, both living in the local area, who are well placed to provide us with photographs, as required. The Towns and Villages section of the website (in progress) should be of particular interest to those unfamiliar with the South Warwickshire area.

If you would be interested in joining our small transcription team, or have any information (documents & photographs of soldier casualties) to supplement our collection, we would be delighted to hear from you…please click here.   A few new transcribers have joined us during the past year and their contributions have had a significant effect upon the volume of transcription we have been able to achieve.  Financially, we are supporting the site, but if you would like to make a small donation towards the hosting costs, we would be very pleased to accept it.

On the left hand menu you will find links to the numerous Parish baptismal, marriage and burial indices, along with a Master Database for each series, and the beginnings of our efforts to transcribe all the local War Memorials and build commemorative pages for each man or woman listed on them.